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Practicing primarily in Monroe and surrounding counties. We provide a free initial consultation which is conducted partially by email and on the telephone. You don't have to take time off of work. In most cases, I can arrange a payment plan for the retainer that I charge. Attached to my centrally located downtown office is an affordable ramp garage.

Michelle Nobile

Flat Rates for default divorce, bankruptcy and misdemeanors.

Main areas of practice include:


Considering a bankruptcy? Contact us for a free consultation.

Family Court

Having family matters? Contact us today via phone or email.


Perhaps you'll be in divorce court? We can help you!

Personal Injury

Get hurt on the job or elsewhere? We specialize in personal injury.

Real Estate

Upcoming real estate closing? Let us handle the legal work!


Recently arrested? We have over 19 years in criminal defense.


Need help with the process of taking legal action? No problem!


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